Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Every time Chet and I eat at Daimaru, I leave saying, "We really need to bring the kids here!"  So, one Friday evening we went for it.  My parents joined us as well.

We were seated right as we walked through the door, but then had to wait a while at our table....thank goodness for the entertainment all around us!  Cru was loving the flames and shrimp catching and literally could not sit still.  Meanwhile, the girls were enjoying their soup and salads....yes, I said enjoying!  Especially, Evee!

Finally, our chef came...let the fun begin!

If you love Japanese steakhouses and sushi, I highly recommend Daimaru!  It's clean, fun atmosphere, very reasonably priced, not to mention, delicious!  We always go home with tons of leftovers!

And it's definitely entertaining!

Speaking of, I can't end this until I share our shrimp catching photos....

Chet catches his every time.  Every time.  Even goes to the great lengths of nearly falling out of his chair to catch it!

You would have never known it was only Grandpa's second time at a Japanese steakhouse....caught his like a pro!

Poor Grandma....you could definitely tell this was her first time....

I don't have proof, but I caught mine :)

And Cru....well, he didn't eat one piece of his meal, but he did catch his shrimp!

Ok, maybe I should rephrase that....his shrimp landed on his face!  Haha!  But you better believe he popped that sucker into his mouth so fast.  He was pretty darn proud.

I can't lie, it was a little more of a challenge than I had hoped for, and Chet may or may not have left there saying, "So much for making a memory."

But in my opinion, that's what makes the memory!

Do I plan to take them with the next time we go?


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