Tuesday, May 28, 2013


Lame title.  It's all I got though.

The kids had a couple music programs at church and school to bring another year to a close.  First, was the lemonade concert at church.  Our church as it every year, and it's just what it sounds like...you drink lemonade and listen to a concert.  This year's theme was Disney.

See Grandma Cheryl keeping Evee entertained...

Thank goodness for technology!


No, it really was a great concert.  We are so thankful for our music director.  She does such a wonderful job with ALL choirs, but is especially patient and energetic with our little ones. 

Reese's school also had a spring/end of the year concert.  It was very short and sweet...just what our family likes :)

 Sidenote - I'm relishing every day I have left with her beautiful locks....new summer hair cut just days away ://///

Everlee did her fair share of dancing that evening!

Knucks from Grandpa...


I would totally tell you who all the cute kiddos are in the pictures, but dang blogger is messing with my spacing....as you can see!  So you can just guess who they are :)

And the evening would not have been complete without jumping off the risers into Father Hien's arms!

Yes, they were really doing this!  And yes, Reese is nearly as big as he is!  Cru went about 10 times before we drug him out of there.

Reese loves music!  She loves writing and singing her own songs.  I wish I were more musically inclined to help her keep interest and get better.  It may be time to start some lessons of some sort....

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