Monday, July 16, 2012

The Littles

Cru and Everlee....I've started calling them the Littles.

A lot of people have said they look the most alike out of the three.

They are starting to act alike now too.

Case and point:

The Littles had well checks last week.....5 months late. Better late than never, right? They both were so well-behaved for having to wait 35 minutes before being called back to our room.

They both stood on the scale like perfect angels.....
Cru weighed in at 34 pounds and 38 inches tall.

Everlee weighed in at 23 pounds and 31 inches tall.

And then....


The nurse needed to take their temps. Well, Cru did not want anything in his ears (he had been telling me this since we arrived). Boy, did he let the nurse know it....scream bloody murder! And we all know how loud Cru can scream. Yikes!

Well, there was no way Everlee was letting her touch her ears either....cue her screaming.

Poor nurse. She finally gave up. When she left the room, Cru reiterated several times that Dr. Thomas could check his tummy, but not his ears. What's up with the ears, dude?

Once Dr. Thomas was in our room, the scene was beyond embarrassing. I honestly can't even put into words how the Littles acted. They both screamed and cried whenever he came near them. Everlee was literally shaking with fear, which I kind of understand since she hasn't been there since she was six months old. Still, I was completely taken back by their behavior.

In the middle of Everlee's exam, he left the room for a bit so I could get her calmed down. Even after he came back and finished, she still cried.

When it was Cru's turn, I tried to put Everlee down so I could focus on Cru, but she continued to sob. And sob. And sob. I gave her toys, her paci, my phone! Nothing calmed her.

At this point, the doctor left the room again in hopes I could get my kids under control.


I was at a loss. And I was desperate. I could care less what my don't-give-your-baby-rice-cereal-because-it's-just-empty-calories-health-conscious doctor thought of me as I pulled two suckers out of my purse. I've already made quite the impression. And lets be honest, I think he wanted us out of there just as much as I wanted us out of there.

Everlee was done with her exam, so she got a sucker. Still somewhat hyperventilating and still not letting me put her down, but at least the crying had stopped. Cru had to hold his sucker until he let the doctor look in his ears.

One ear down.

One more to go....lets do this!

Or not.

I really needed both hands to hold Cru down, so the doctor took Everlee to one of the nurses. The poor girl was screaming like she had been kidnapped. I felt awful.

And then I felt more awful for my doctor's ear drums when he looked in Cru's other ear and Cru let out one of his famous shrieks.

And then we were done. Cru got to open his sucker, and he was back to normal Cru.

The nurse gave me back Everlee, and she was back to normal Evee.

And both healthy.

Ahh, my Littles....

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