Tuesday, July 24, 2012


I wanted to document a few things that Everlee is doing right now before I forget.

  • She sleeps great! Takes one long nap a day, averages around three hours. She goes down each night 9-10pm and wakes 8-9am. We put her down awake and never ever fusses.
  • She loves shoes and is already very opinionated on what pair she wears!
  • Her pacis and her raggies are her lovies. We may have a hard time breaking her of those :/

  • She loves, loves, loves the water! Loves the bath, loves sprinklers, loves grandma and grandpa's pool, loves our plastic pool, loves the toilet....anything with water!

  • She eats anything and everything just like her sister.
  • She's always been very friendly, although recently she's become increasingly shy and scared of strangers, especially men. And if she's in an unfamiliar place and you walk away from her, she gets very scared, panics, and cries.
  • She is a climber! We recently found her on top of the toilet playing with the kleenexes! She can even climb up onto our tall chairs and bar stools!

  • She has suddenly become a talker. Well, she's always been a talker, but now we can actually understand her! Some of her words are mom, dad, sissy, bubba, eese (Reese), puppy, meow, bows :), wassat (what's that), Edee (Evee), poopy, peese (please), thank you, hot, teeth, ball, ouch, ouchy, hot dog, night-night, hi, bye, unh-uh (and shakes her head no). And she puts two words together, like when Reese walks up the stairs each morning, she runs to her and says, "Hi Sissy!"
  • She is very loving....always wants to give hugs and kisses ♥

  • She has several nicknames - Evee, Ev, Ev Doodle, Doodle (Cru's favorite), Boo Boo
  • She wants to do EVERYTHING the big kids do!

We love you so much, Everlee! And love all the joy and laughter and sloppy kisses you have brought to our family!

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