Monday, July 23, 2012

D Day

These HOT summer days are about to do me in.

The kids beg to play outside during Everlee's nap, but it's too hot, which forces them to play inside LOUDLY and they seem to fight constantly, which then leads them to watching too much tv. And why is it that I can't ever get the every day house work done?

The worst part, it all wears my patience thinner and thinner.

And then the day comes when I reach my breaking point. And when that happens, I know it's time for an intervention. And by intervention, I mean D Day!

As in ducks!

Spending an unexpected morning at the park is guaranteed to wipe the slate clean.

Our D Day a couple weeks ago did just that....

She insisted on bringing her camera just like her mama :)

Evee's new pregnant stance

I have to make sure my bread isn't too old since I have a little duckling of my own who likes to eat as much as possible.

She nearly chased them and herself right into the water!

We soon realized there was another friend eating our bread....Sandy.

Sandy made all the bad go away....we love Sandy!

After flying off the handle too many times last week, I declared another D Day only this time it included donuts and dirt!

Dirt drums!

Stuffing a dinosaur fossil and crystal jewel into her pockets....the girl's imagination is out of this world!

Don't let that cute, innocent grin fool you....

She's ornery!

That dirt is all worth it though! Patience restored to tackle whatever the rest of the day has in store, love you mommy said/felt again, and most of all, quality, happy time spent together!

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