Thursday, June 16, 2011

Tee Ball Week 3 Highlights

OK, so another week of tee ball has come and gone and I'm still not sure what Reese thinks about it. She says she likes it, and I love that she's meeting new friends, but when she's out on the field, there's not a lot of spark. But as long as she's having fun, that's really all that matters.

She had a little trouble finding a helmet that fit that big brain of hers!


Our head coach was gone so we had a fill in....

Thanks Grandpa!

Meanwhile, the other Papa was....well....not sure what he was doing!

Little man was up to no good as well....putting dirt down his shirt!

Which he then proceeded to eat!

Little sweet pea slept for most of the game, but woke to see a few plays.

Which I was thankful for because not only was my back about to break, but now I could get something other than looking-thru-the-fence shots.

Thanks Grandma for holding her.

This is her signature eyebrow stare down.

Despite the other team having 16 players vs. our 9, our kids did great! Hopefully, it prepared them for next week when we play them again.

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