Friday, June 17, 2011

Looking forward to the weekend!

This week has been HARD!

As much as I'd love to tell you all about how mastitis has kicked my butt once again....

and about how Cru shattered a wine glass at a very nice store down town....

and about how my kids do not listen to a word I say and have the loudest voices EVER....

and about how I feel like I've been forced to stop nursing Everlee....

and about how I'm exhausted and can't seem to get caught up with anything....

and about how tomorrow is Chet's birthday and Sunday is Father's Day and I have absolutely nothing to give him....

I think I'll just tell you about how many times Cru has peed in the potty....way too many to count!

And how much I enjoyed watching the movie Just Go With It with Chet!

And how thankful I am that my kids have each other!

And how much I appreciate grandparents!

And how thankful I am that Everlee has adjusted so well to bottles!

And how thankful I am for the nice dinner Chet and I had at the Country Club with great, giving people!

And how much I appreciate compliments on my hair bows and headbands!

And how excited I am that Everlee is starting to nap in her crib, a little!

Here's to a good weekend!

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