Tuesday, September 3, 2013

T Ball

At a very young age, I remember my Grandpa Reese spending hours playing ball with my brother.  And now, it brings me absolute joy watching my dad spend hours playing ball with Cru.  Since Cru could first hold a bat, my dad taught him to hit left handed (he throws right), and said, "That's how you're going to pay for college."

After two long summers of watching big sister, it was finally little man's turn!

Because despite playing nearly every day at home, it doesn't mean a thing to him unless he has a real team and a real field.

He was in his element!

Don't let my words fool you though, there were still distractions....dirt, his fan club, girls.....

He's all boy, what do you expect?!

Where Reese ran from the ball, Cru chased it everywhere!  And if he was the first one to it, he'd just look at his teammates and smile like nana-nana-boo-boo look what I got!  He asked after every game how many balls he caught.

Later in the season, he became slightly obsessed with sliding....


Probably because he was rocking some pretty awesome baseball pants.....a couple $.99 eBay finds that happened to be about two sizes too big that Mommy found months before the season started.  Didn't matter.  That's what a belt is for...


I'll quit with the words now and just share a few more highlights of the season....


Reese playing with the boys :)

It was so much fun watching you, buddy!  Can't wait for next summer!

And one last thing for my own notes....Cru is playing soccer this fall, and when I was getting him ready for his first practice, he said, "But what about baseball?"

Atta boy!

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