Monday, October 1, 2012


As the kids get older, I love watching them experience all that life has to offer, even if that means visiting the germ-infested Kansas State Fair.  Yes, somehow their joy overshadows the fact that (in my opinion) the place is filled with disrespectful men who say they are only there to check out the MILFs (true statement...heard a man saying that!) and adults who are missing their two front teeth.

Sorry, I shouldn't be so judgmental....

But it's true.

However, speaking of rides....

I DO NOT ride!  Never have, never will.

Yet again though, my kids' joy took over and I agreed to take the sky line tour, which is like riding a ski lift (something I've done many times).

I literally thought I was going to throw up!  Between Reese leaning over the edge thinking it was the coolest thing in the world and thinking Cru's wiry little body was going to slip through the bars and the stalling....oh the stalling!  At the very top....wind blowing through our hair....swaying back and forth....blah!!!  And the kids refused to get off after the first trip down and let Daddy ride back....

But I survived and the kids only suffered minor injuries from my tortuous grip!

So, we just stuck to riding the horses.....

Yes, Evee had to ride her own pony.  And threw the biggest fit when she had to get off.  Poor kids need a pony!


Kind of.

Big slide for a little girl!

Caught a pig race as we were leaving!

So, there, check the state fair off our list of things to do this year!

But if I had my say, I'm content just attending craft fairs.....

Funnel cake, face hand painting, and crafts with my big girl beats a sky line view with a toothless man anyday ♥

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