Wednesday, September 26, 2012

6 year old's social calendar

I think its safe to say our lazy days of summer are officially over! A certain six year old is doing a pretty good job of keeping us all busy! Chet and I have tried not to already get her and ourselves involved in too much.  I think we are doing a pretty good job of it, however, some weeks it feels as if we are running in every which direction!



Play dates....

Of course, we are never too busy to spend time with friends!

Cheer camp....



 Which also included performing at the football game!

I was so shocked at how well the girls performed at the game!  They spent two hours at the clinic learning the cheer and dance routine, and boy, did they nail it!

And the same weekend Reese cheered, she started six weeks of basketball camp!

Reese is loving basketball!  She said it was WAY better than cheer camp, and she literally can't wait for every Sunday!  And since a week is a long time for a kid to wait for something they are excited about, she's been spending a couple evenings a week practicing at my parent's.

And if she's not practicing basketball, her Daddy is doing all he can to get her college paid for!

Sports aren't everything though, so she's staying on top of her school work even while spending the night with Grammie and Papa!

And let's not forget, we are trying to make it to as many of Aunt Cheyna's soccer games as possible since its her last year as a bulldog.


And then she got hurt :(

So we cheered extra loud for Molly....Cru's fav....we might as well start calling her aunt too!

The college needs some extra security.....

We may get a little tired along the way....

but I think we are all liking this change of pace.

At least we are doing it with a smile on our faces....

and a sucker in our mouth!

***Damn blogger changed things on me again...grrr!  Hence my spacing issues that I cannot resolve.  I don't think I can change back to the old dashboard, so I guess I better figure out how to post in the new version....bare with me!

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