Sunday, September 9, 2012

Reese is 6!

It was a little torturous having Reese's birthday party three weeks before her actual birthday. However, on August 31st our sweet princes was finally officially 6!!!

She received the best present of school! Wahoo! So, we started our morning with donuts, Papa, and Chimney (you all remember Chimney, right?). He had been waiting all morning for us.

He made Reese a special card and necklace, which she so thankful for and wore the necklace all day!

After donuts, we headed to Wichita to the zoo. I was a little nervous taking all three kids by myself, but thankfully they behaved so well!

We love gaters!

Usually, we only see the zebras doing stuff like this!

The kids thought this guy was hilarious with his butt pressed up against the glass....see Cru laughing in the reflection?! Haha!!!

So very thankful for these three blessings!

Snakes were the souvenir of choice!

Chet golfed that morning in Heston, so once he was done, he drove to Wichita to meet us where he thought Reese needed to celebrate her birthday.....

Call me a fun-hater, but I was not a fan of this idea! It totally grossed me out...ack! However, after witnessing how much enjoyment that germ-infested place brought the kids, I am so happy we took them there.

Hello, blue eyes ♥

What you looking at?

Little Evee was not shy at all when she spotted a handsome little man!

Tip - If you're thinking about going there, go in the middle of the afternoon! We went at 3:00, and there was no one there! When we left two hours later, people were starting to flock in.

Dancing with Chuck E for free tickets

Once we were back home, it was finally time to open presents!


And she also had special visitors come over - Casyn, Grandma Cheryl, Grandma Linda, and Grandpa Dell. Our girl is loved!

When we became parents six years ago, there's no way I could have dreamed it would be what it is. It's hard, very hard, but this girl makes it easy. She is an amazing little girl with a big imagination and has the kindest, most compassionate heart. I am so very thankful our journey into parenthood began with her!

Happy 6th birthday, Reesee!

Next post - Reese's birthday KC trip....yes, there's more! We celebrate big in this house!

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