Friday, September 21, 2012

Charlee Mae is 2

Our sweet niece/cousin, Charlee Mae, turned two on September 16....two?!  Where has the time gone???

My brother and sister-in-law planned her party for earlier in August with the intentions of celebrating at El Dorado's splash park. However, mother nature had other plans...cue rain, thunder, lightening, and more rain.  So, we just partied at Charlee's instead!


Seriously, how cute is she ♥

Funny story - my brother and Audrey gave Charlee a baseball glove, and she was terrified of it!  Ty and Audrey tried to show her there was nothing to be afraid of by playing catch, but she still wanted nothing to do with it!  With my brother being a coach and our family loving this sport so much, it's pretty funny!  She does have a mean left curve already, so I guess they'll just have to keep working on the glove part.

Maddox and Elliott

We love you so much, Charlee Mae! What a little girl you are becoming....beautiful, smart, funny! Your mom and dad are doing such a wonderful job raising such a special little girl. So happy to help you celebrate!

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