Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Birthday Trip to KC

If you remember last year when Reese turned five, her grandmas and myself surprised her with a trip to KC to the American Girl doll store.

She definitely remembered because months prior to her birthday, she began asking if we were going back to for her sixth birthday.

It was such a fun experience, so we definitely wanted to take her again this year.

Since her birthday fell on Friday, we set out early Saturday morning....

ear buds in! She jammed the whole way....moves like jagger, moves like jagger, mooooooooooooooves like jagger. Thanks Grammie and Papa for the new iPod!!!

After a quick first stop at my favorite second hand store (which never gets old! Reese hit the jackpot this trip!), we were finally there!

Her agenda for this trip: getting MaKenna's ears pierced, MaKenna's hair styled, and spending her own money (the girl had $178 saved!!!).

$14 for ear piercing, $20 for hair style....whatever makes you happy, Reese! Daddy isn't here to say no ;)

We did a little walking around the mall afterwards and couldn't leave without one ride on the carousel.

Then, we ate a late lunch at the Cheesecake Factory....always Grandma's favorite!

And finally, we ended with a some shopping at Crown Center. The rain had stopped and it was perfect weather for outdoor shopping.....another one of my favorite places!

It never gets old walking through Pottery Barn Kids and dreaming!

Such a fun day! Thank you, Grammie, for coming along! And we definitely missed having Grandma Cheryl there this year. Hopefully, next year because I'm sure we'll continue the tradition.

And I think that finally concludes Reese's 6th birthday celebrations!

Spoiled? Yes! But she's LOVED even more!!!!

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