Monday, September 17, 2012

A Day at the Farm

Our friends, the Coopers, have been attending A Day at the Farm for a few years now. I've heard them talk about this, but we have never went. This year, they decided to have Cole's birthday party there, and I'm pretty sure my kids thought it was the best birthday party ever!

I mean, hello, any function you get to wear your red boots to you know is going to be one heck of a party!

Horse rides were, of course, a favorite!

Cru and birthday boy, Cole

Breaking Amish....watched it yet? This little girl just made me think of that :)

These horses were not trained riding horses, they were just brought over by surrounding neighbors and led by their owners. A couple horses actually got loose and it appeared (I say that because I didn't actually see it, but the lady who was walking across the field severely limping and holding her back sort of gave it away) to have bucked someone off.

But I tried to not to show my fear....

My view riding with Everlee....holding tight

Reese and Cru could have ridden all day....

But we had more of the farm to explore.....

Reese's favorite ♥

I caught Asher kissing a chick!

Evee really needs to do something about her open mouth kisses!

Reese milking a goat...she's just a regular farm hand at this point.

Making rope

Cru and Cole

Asher and Reese

Seriously, awesome day! And the fact that my kids got to experience it with their good friends just makes it even better!

We WILL go back next year...and the year after that....and so on!

I apologize for the poor pictures quality....minutes from the farm, I looked down at the passenger seat and realized my camera bag was not staring back at me, so all pictures are from my phone.

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