Thursday, September 13, 2012

Puddle Jumpers

Every time it rains (which has been about three times in the past three months), the kids beg to play in the puddles....

Who am I to tell them no!

One morning, there was no begging, just doing! Never mind the fact that we needed to run to Walmart...puddles take priority!

Everlee thought Bubba was pretty silly....

then discovered some water of her own!

It rained all day yesterday (and the temperature dropped about 30 degrees)....perfect day to have a friend over and play in the basement. But what rainy day play date isn't complete without a little pudding jumping!

Directing tricycle traffic

Cru loved worm hunting!

Speaking of Cru....and water....a few weeks back, when Reese was at her friend's house, he asked to play in the "pool" in the front yard.....

This "pool" has brought us hours of entertainment this summer!

He also wanted the princesses to join him....

Don't worry, Grandpa, it only lasted about 20 minutes, then he wanted to play ball!

Do yourself a favor, next time it rains, as much as you want to curl up under a blanket, go splash in a puddle instead! It does the soul some good. And not to worry if your socks get soaked, as often as we get rain, they'll have plenty of time to dry.

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