Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Reese's Pool Party!!!

Once Reese took her first swim in my parent's pool this summer, she had one thing on her mind....pool party!

I loved the idea....why hadn't I thought of it?

We scheduled it for early August just to avoid chaos with school starting and friends' schedules filling up. And also to ensure we had a nice hot day for swimming. Well, go figure the temp dropped like 20 degrees that day and spit rain, but it didn't seem to bother all the kiddos (just made them shiver getting in and out of the water).

Reese, Lynzee, Carter, Cora, Reanna, Cru, Ian, Addie, Carter, and Charlee

Reese is blessed with some pretty awesome friends....who also happen to be great swimmers!

Enjoy ALL the pics!!!

Filling water guns with Papa

Candy table

Personalized beach towel party favors

Pinterest idea

After some octopus hot dogs, Reese opened all her gifts, then it was more swim time!

We had some daredevils in the group

Uncle Caid showing off his swimming skillzzzz

A huge thank you to Grandma and Grandpa for letting use their pool! Reese has requested a pool party when she turns 7!

Happy 6th birthday bash, Reesee!!! Hope it was all you dreamed it would be!

Actual birthday festivities coming soon!

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  1. Hi.. can i know where you bought the towels please and how much did they cost you?