Tuesday, February 17, 2015


Every night, once the kids are in bed, I plan to blog....

Until I look up at the tv.

Gosh, I love tv.

As Chet sits across the living room from me, book in hand, he reminds me of how I could benefit so much more from reading.  I tell him that I wipe butts all day, I don't need to read for that!

Granted, reading would probably drastically change the attitude I have while wiping butts, but I happen to think my quiet time of television will do the same.

So, I thought I'd share some of what we....ahem, I mean I ;)....like to watch.

I think my shows can be divided into three categories....shows I {highly} recommend, shows not for the faint of heart/leave you speechless/turn your cheeks ten shades of red, and reality/guilty pleasures.

So, shows I recommend....

Breaking Bad
Wow!  Probably one of the best shows I've ever seen!  It is six seasons.  We own every season except second half of six.  Have any of you fans been watching Better Call Saul???

**Note - we started watching a lot of these shows before we had Netflix, which means, we purchased the dvds in order to watch.  They are available for borrowing ;)

I honestly don't think I can put into words how I feel about this show!  Except I hate that it's over :(((  It was THE BEST!  For a fiction cable tv show, it felt so real.  Relateable.  It'll make you bawl like a baby....multiple times an episode.  Seriously, so SO good!  I'm still trying to figure out why it was cancelled???

Ok, so some may see this as a guilty pleasure, which I agree, but also, I recommend this guilty pleasure!  Kerry Washington is phenomenal as Olivia Pope!  I love Fitz (the President), but I just cannot get passed his bad guy role in Ghost, so #teamjake all the way!  But don't just jump into it, definitely start from the very beginning; you will want all those early details!

Fixer Upper
HGTV's best show, in my opinion!  Chip and Joanna Gaines are not only the BEST at home remodels, but they have the cutest relationship and family ♥ They leave me feeling inspired in many ways every Tuesday night!

If you're into CIA, Iraq, terrorists, etc, Homeland is a show for you!  We are huge fans of this, but it airs on HBO, which we don't have and isn't on Netflix, so again, we own every season :)  Waiting on four!

Ok, so onto some jaw droppers that aren't for everyone....

Sons of Anarchy
We started watching this when it first started, and we watched until the very end.  It definitely takes rough and tough biker gang to a whole new level!  It's intense and gruesome, but oh sooo good!  It'll suck you right in!

Game of Thrones
Lets just say, I might have to give my blog a rating {of R} if I give you details about this show, but trust me, you will love!  Chet and I weren't sure at first when his siblings were trying to convince us to watch it.  Mid-evil times stuff really isn't "our thing" however, we are left speechless every single episode!  There are so many main characters, and you honestly never know who will live to see the next episode.  Again, this is an HBO show that isn't available on Netflix, so we have to wait until seasons are released....four should be delivered to us this week!

Orange is the New Black
Netflix.  No words.  Turns my cheeks red.  Look it up yourself {insert hand over eyes emoji}.  Don't judge.

Mad Men
We LOVE this show!  It starts a little slow.  I think it took about three to four episodes for us to really get into it.  LOVE every character!  Cracks me up how they ALL drink scotch all day long at the office...maybe I've been out of the work force too long ;)  Mr. Draper.....naughty, naughty ;)

The Walking Dead
One of my most recent Netflix binges.  It's current season is airing on AMC {Sundays}.  Zombies...not my thing!  Blood and gore....again, not my thing!  But dang, it is sooo good!  Great characters all just trying to survive.  Give it a shot, you won't be disappointed!

Finally, some of my reality/guilty pleasures....

You will not see the Bachelor listed...shocking, I know!

Vanderpump Rules
Bravo relaity show...why oh why do I watch this crap?  No clue, but I do.  Chet's commentary during this show is priceless.

This is actually Chet's guilty pleasure, that I just so happen to love as well!  Lawyers and drama!  I actually didn't watch much of this show until we rewatched all the seasons on Amazon Prime.  I like to rewatch shows and movies numerous times to pick up on things I miss; I'm slow ;)  I totally missed the humor in this show the first time around!  Wednesdays on USA....watch it!

Grey's Anatomy
Definitely a guilty pleasure fav from the very beginning.  I quit watching a few seasons ago, but picked back up this season since it's the final one...I have to see it through!  It's on when our kids are still up, so I usually catch it on the iPad days later {we don't have dvr....I know, don't get me started!}.  Last week's episode about did me in FOR GOOD...babies and death....can't handle.

Soooo, that's a lot of shows....again, don't judge.  TV is one of my therapies {so is running, but I don't run much in the winter ;)}.  I have other shows I catch here and there that I didn't share, like how I still love The Real World and how my current Netflix binge is Prison Break even though Chet and I have already watched that series in it's entirety....but I think you get the point ;)

Now put down that book and go watch some tv....wasting your time will do your soul some good :)

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