Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Monday's are insanely busy from 3:15 on....
3:15 - pick Reese up from school
4:00 - Evee dance (so by the time we get home from picking Reese up, we have enough time to unload, change clothes, then hop right back in the van!)
4:45 - Evee out of dance (now that we live on the same side of town as dance, we can go home for about 20 minutes before we have to pick her up)
5:00 - Cru bball practice
5:45 - Cru out of bball practice (this is usually guy time - Chet coaches so he takes Cru and brings him home)
6:45 - Reese bball (again, just enough time for Cru to get home, snarf supper, then Reese and I head out)
7:30 - Reese out of bball (again, I rely on Chet...when I'm at bball with Reese, he gets Cru and Evee ready for bed)

It's Monday, and Chet is in Lawrence....

Which is awesome!  I'm jealous. 

I've also lost my mind after doing all of the above on my own!

Pity party.


Back to KU basketball!

Chet and I have been a bit spoiled this year with getting to go to games.  Not just getting to go, but sitting in some pretty incredible seats.

Like front row!

Back story.....we had an auction back in August to raise money for Chet's sister awaiting a double lung transplant.  One of the "bigger" auction items was a pair of front row seats to a KU game.  I wanted them, of course!  But honestly, I hadn't really thought about bidding on them.  We figured there would be lots of bidders and as family, we didn't want to bid against others.

But somehow that went out the window ;)

I think the bid was around $325 when I asked Chet if I could bid on them.  Not really sure why I asked him because I was going to bid no matter what!

Chet's cousin decided to get in on the bidding action.

Then, Chet's co-worker (another partner at his firm) started bidding.

Oh, it was on!

None of us were backing down, so Chet's co-worker asked if I wanted to go in on it with him. 

Well, hell yeah!  At that time, I wasn't thinking about how there were only two tickets.....

So, with a bid of $600 and an agreement with Chet's cousin that we (and by "we" I mean Kyle) would get her tickets to another game if she stopped bidding, we won! 

**Kyle did get her tickets, in case you were wondering!

I was seriously SO PUMPED!  Front row!!!  That's like once in a lifetime for us!

Reality check - there were only two tickets!  I was secretly hoping Kyle would just forfeit his ticket and Chet and I would go.  And I think Kyle was wishing for the same thing from me. 

Here it was a week before the game and it's still just Kyle and I going.  This makes me laugh now, not a week ago.  At this point, I honestly almost gave up my ticket to Chet. 

Oh wait, no I didn't! 

One of our connection's tickets weren't available, so I went on Stub Hub and by some miracle found tickets!  Tickets that just happened to be in the same section....fifth row! 

So, game night!

Chet takes me to the tunnel every time :)  I love him for that!

I high five everyone too.  I'm a dork and I don't care.  Pretty sure the workers recognize us now...oops!

Allen Fieldhouse is unlike any place you will ever watch college basketball!  Even if you aren't a KU fan, you should experience it once in your life!  Chet tells everyone that.  He loves it there!  Clearly, since he goes way more than me!

Kyle and his son took the front row for the first half, then Chet and I had it for the second half.

I can't even describe what it was like sitting that close....UNREAL!

I felt like I could just reach out and touch them!

I joked with Chet that I couldn't get a good picture of the flag because our seats were too low ;)

It was a great game!  Dunks, fights, LOUD!!!

I think I preferred the fifth row over front...shhh!  Don't get me wrong, front flippin row was amazing!  It gets you on tv!  My dad texted me not to pick my nose since I was on the big screen!  But people walk in front of you quite a bit.  And you have to look over the statisticians and high rollers.  Fifth row just elevates you a bit.  First or fifth row, I'm just thankful for the opportunity!  And very grateful to the people who donated the tickets and to Chancey's sister-in-law, who had the connection!

And a huge thank you to my parents!  It's not easy taking care of the kids when one has to be taken one place and ten minutes later another one goes another place, and twenty minutes after that the first one needs picked up and so on....

He is awesome!

Not only does he love Allen Fieldhouse, he no longer gets pissy when I hold my phone up for a selfie (just when I ask him to retake it!) :)


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