Monday, January 12, 2015

St. Joseph Christmas Program

I did not want to get backed up on Christmas posts...grrr!

The kids did a fantastic job at their school Christmas program!  ALL THREE of them performed!  How is that possible???  Just another smack in the face saying, "Time is flyin'!"


She waved to all sorts of people as she made her entrance...clearly not shy in front of an audience!

 I have no idea ^^^ :)

Chet and I took lots of videos and sent them to his parents throughout the program.  Super'll have to take my word for it because I'm too lazy to upload.

Preschool and prek sang three songs - short and sweet - then it was the big kids' turn.

The whole school did awesome!  The first song Reese and Cru's group sang - Beautiful December - was just that - beautiful!  Can't post video because I'll cry.

Cru was so serious about his singing...

Our beautiful Reese...

Betcha can't guess which is Cru....

Thanks to my parents and Aunt Cheyna for taking the time to once again support the kids!  They'd be lost without you guys!

Cuteness overload...

A few before program pics another picture-snappin' mama sent me ;)

Our hallway's become tradition.

Another reminder of how thankful I am for our kids' wonderful school!

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