Monday, January 5, 2015

The tooth fairy will be making another visit to our house tonight....

And not visiting just one room, but two!

Cru and his loose teeth....ugh!  Never have I dealt with something so dang frustrating!  Ever since he finally pulled out his first tooth, I've been on him to get the second one out.  Again, he refused.  Meanwhile, Reese discovered she had a new loose one!  So, even though her's was newly loose, we all bet she would get her's out first.

Fast forward to right before Christmas, Cru's tooth was looking so crooked and loose, I swore he'd ask for his two front teeth for Christmas.

Not so much.

I've been threatening the dentist like last time (last time I had an appointment made!) because the permanent tooth is in.

Fast forward, again.  To today.  When we picked Reese up from school, she immediately showed me her tooth.  Ack!  I can handle teeth.  But this made me squirm.  When we got home, she got out of the van, and all of a sudden, she said, "It's out."  Like it ain't no thang...oh, I've lost ten teeth and haven't cried once.

That was it!  I sat Cru down on the timeout rug and told him he wasn't leaving until his tooth was out!

Lots of tears and fit throwing, bribing and threatening, and wiggling, an hour later, the damn thing was out!  And he had done it all on his own!

Tooth Fairy will be busy tonight!

While all this tooth nonsense was going on, Everlee came up from the basement....

"Isn't Nikki pretty?!"

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