Saturday, December 20, 2014

Christmas Card Photos

Always an adventure!  This year really wasn't as bad as some years.

Short version:
take picture
order card

Long version....

We have one day a week where we don't have any after-school activities.  It was overcast, but decent temperature.  Chet was out of town, so I jumped on the opportunity ;)  Plus this was my one and only idea, so I just went with it.

Kids were actually really excited when I told them what they were going to do.

I was super excited thinking I got a usable shot the first time around.

But the kids asked to do it again though....who am I to say no to more pictures?!

Glitter and "snow" was getting slightly out of hand at this point...

Not sure what round we were on when Cru finally had it figured out....just give it one big blow!

Ok, now everyone do it just like Cru....

What the hell?

Reese just watched it fall out of the bottom of her hands.

I felt steam come out of my ears at this point.

Cru wanted to do it "one more time" so I asked Reese to please cooperate.  She gave me attitude, so I tried a little reverse psychology...."You can just go inside and you will not be in our card if you're going to act like this."

She happily go inside, of course.

This is why I do it when Chet isn't around....he would have been shaking his head and pointing out the fact that I should have called it good with the first shot I got; always pushing the limits.

I had to take my "offer" back to not be in our card and convince her to do it "one more time" ....

She still wasn't getting a treat though.

And then I poured myself a drink....should have done that before I took pictures!  It made ordering our card a much easier process though!

I have a habit of making this process way harder than it needs to be.  Thankful I have amazing little people who forgive easily...and appreciate a good bribe ;)

Anyone else run to the mailbox every day in December ♥♥♥

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