Thursday, December 4, 2014

The week before Thanksgiving, I nearly gave into the temptation of putting up the Christmas tree.  But stuck to waiting until after Thanksgiving.  You're welcome, Chet ;)

Cru was the most excited. 

And the most impatient!  "Is it done yet?  Can we put ornaments on yet?  Where's the star?  Can I put the star on top yet?  Mom, WHERE ARE ALL THE ORNAMENTS?!"

My patience was running thin as well....between carrying up tubs from the basement, cheering on the Jayhawks, watching kids, and making trips back and forth to Walmart, it took me ALL DAMN DAY. Actually, I didn't finish finish until three days later, but the majority was done that night...for the kids' sake.

Always for the kids.

Oh yeah, and the new look of the tree....colored lights and ribbon....tried to make it "fun"....also for the kids.  They love it, which is good!

I haven't snapped a great picture of it complete, but here is what our decorating process looked like....

Checking for burned out lights.

Once they passed the test, he'd pass them to Evee, and she'd relay to me.

He wanted to put the star on...

Mom put the star on.

Happy to have Charlee's help too!

Lots of "help" going on....

I kind of wanted to rip my eyeballs out at this point!

But we kept trucking along....

Bonnie Jayde cat napped during most of the decorating, then woke for the finale ♥

Ran out of beads...

So while ALL this decorating chaos fun was going on, Chet and my brother were enjoying cold beer and the beautiful 60 degree winter weather FISHING.

I have no words....

except the kids had a great day.

All about the kids, right?

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