Monday, December 1, 2014

From soccer to football (throw dance in there too!) and now to basketball.

Never a dull moment.

But always fun, and I wouldn't change any of it!

Reese and Cru have been practicing for a couple weeks now and have their first games this weekend!

We are also LOVING going to as many of Aunt Casyn's basketball games as we can!

One of her first games was against KU, so we took the whole fam, my parents included, to cheer her on in Lawrence.

Doesn't she have the coolest fans?!

 Lawrence was kind of a long drive for our van load, so we kept entertained as best as we could....

Reese told me I was SO AWESOME at Barbies....I happily accepted the compliment!

It was the kids' firs time at Allen did not disappoint!

We were visited by Big J (or as I like to call him, Joey) several times!  Kids thought it was so awesome!  Except, Evee.  She struggled with finding him fun...poor girl.  She was content admiring from afar holding on tightly to whomever was closet to her.

Even made the jumbo tron with him!

There were several men's players in attendance.  You could only take pictures and get autographs during halftime, but lezz be honest, as much as I love all of them, I was way too much of a weenie to approach them.  So, my dad and I planned to catch them after the game as they were leaving the gym.  Ok, lezz be honest again, by "my dad AND I" I mean my dad ;)

When the game was over and they were all walking away, Cru saw Jamari Traylor and hollered and pointed, "There's another big one!"  Jamari looked up with a big smile and waved at him...and off my dad went!

Seriously, how cool?!  Jamari and the kids above.

Cru and Frank Mason (my dad got this at halftime, which is why Reese wasn't there)

Devonte Graham

Kelly Oubre, Jr., Devonte Graham, and Sviatoslav Mykhailiuk

Washburn did not win, but it was a fun way for the kids to kick off Casyn's season.  Pretty sure whenever we tell them we are going to Casyn's game, they think we are going to Allen Fieldhouse....there's just no place like it :)

Here are some highlights from some of the other games we've been to....

My parents have enjoyed attending games with us.

^^Being interviewed, yet again, after the game^^

We are so proud of Casyn!  Her senior season is off to a great start!

And here's to a great season for everyone!

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