Sunday, November 30, 2014

Waaaaay back in May, we discovered Cru's first loose teeth.  Yes, teeth.  Started with two, then there were three.

Fast forward to November.

Still three loose teeth.

Honestly, I figured he'd have three visits from the tooth fairy under his belt by now.  He has refused to wiggle any of them.  He said he's scared it will hurt. 

The week before Thanksgiving, while looking at noticeably crooked tooth, I was surprised to see his permanent tooth was already in.  I knew then the tooth needed to come out, like yesterday.  I did my best to motivate him...donuts, toys, extra money because the tooth fairy "will think you are SOOO brave"...none of it worked.  So, I called the dentist.  They confirmed it needed to come out!

We spent the weekend much as he would let me.  Yes, I'm doing all the wiggling.  Chet doesn't "do" teeth. 

Cru cried.  A lot. 

I threatened.  A lot.  Mommy or the choose!

Monday of Thanksgiving week, it still wasn't out.  I called the dentist back.  They couldn't get him in until the following Wednesday. 

Our new deadline.

Thanksgiving prep kept us busy, so wiggling was put on the back burner.  But the tooth was looking even more crooked, so I knew it was looser.

Thanksgiving night, he asked to sleep in my room.  Actually, he pretended to not feel good so he could sleep in my room since Reese was staying at Grandma and Grandpa's.  I made him a deal that he could sleep in my room if he wiggled his tooth.

It was probably about 10:00pm, when he came walking out of my room with his hand over his mouth.

"Ummm, I think I have a problem.  I need your help."

I thought he was asleep!

Then I thought maybe he really was sick.

Turns out, he followed through with his end of the deal and had wiggled his tooth right out!  Well, it was kind of still dangling, and I actually thought he was going to swallow it, but ended up pulling it right out without my help!

 Pretty sure I have never seen him so proud ♥

Grandma Cheryl made him this AWESOME tooth pillow the last time she was home....finally, ready to use it!

So, Thanksgiving night 2014, not only was the tooth fairy visiting, but Polle was due back!

Polle and the tooth fairy partied!  Polle said he would watch over Cru's money ;)

Polle left Cru a trail of cotton balls from my room to Cru's room for Cru to follow when he woke up...

The tooth fairy also reminded Cru to pick up his room!  He's usually the clean one!

^^^Like he's never seen money before^^^

Loving the little man's new smile!

Probably won't look like this for long...he's got some tooth pulling confidence now :)

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