Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Last Soccer Saturday....

for the fall.

He had some special fans at his first game ♥

This game got TENSE.  That's putting it mildly.  One of our boys, who is definitely not a malicious player, accidentally knocked a player down from the other team.  Well, some mama from the other team went NUTS!  Yelling and screaming AT OUR KIDS! It was one of the most pathetic things I have seen a parent do.  Some of our parents began yelling back at her to quit yelling at the kids.  Then the referee made some bonehead calls...rather lack there of....she was completely frazzled.  And lost all control of the game.  Our coach is intense, but it's a good intense, and boy, was he FIRED UP!  Threw his hat on the ground a couple times, yelled plenty.  And this all happened before half time!

Head officials showed up at half time.  Parents from both sides went to plead their team's case.  Ref was still completely out of sorts.

Second half started, lead officials stayed at our field the rest of the game to monitor.  We were down 3-4, I believe??

Both teams and coaches were still very much, lets just say, ENERGIZED!  HEATED!!!  When they would score, they would intentionally look at our sideline and cheer overly loud.  Again, pathetic.

And with less than five minutes left in the game, one of our players scored THREE GOALS IN A ROW! The last one in the last minute of the game, and we won by one!  It was SO AWESOME!

Whoa, used WAY too many capital letters!  Much needed though!

A little victory run through the tunnel....

Cru was excited to see Charlee after the game!

We got to enjoy lunch with Ty, Audrey, Charlee, and Bonnie before the second game.

Gosh, I love all those kids ♥

Onto game two....

Coin toss...Cru is right next to #5.

Thatcher arrived...

Evee had to make herself fancy for him!

I can't remember the final score of this game...we kicked butt!  Cru scored.  I was not prepared....it was somewhat of a break away goal.  I switched my camera to video as fast as I could and this is what I got...


Cru plays defense.  He doesn't get many opportunities to score.  Feel like I've shared this before, but oh well.  Anyways, he's got a strong, accurate foot and he's fast, so the coach would like him to play forward, but like I've said, he freezes.  Collision, aggression, he does not like it.  Although, he has no problem playing that way in practice.  I don't get.  And I get very frustrated.  But I have to remind myself, he's five.  It'll come, maybe.  But despite that, we are SO proud!

Another victory, another run through the tunnel!


Pretty much all the teams they played were older, six and seven year olds.  All of Cru's teammates are six except him and one other boy, so for them to go 5-3 in the league their first time playing, that's a huge success!  To celebrate, they had a pizza party and "fun" practice the following Monday.

Beckett, Ben, Dmitry, Mara, Manny, Cru, Nemith (sp??), and Cole

It was a great fall! But we are definitely enjoying our break :)

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