Sunday, November 2, 2014

Cru's First Communion

Three Sundays and three Wednesdays ago, our little man started first communion classes.  It was not easy for those mostly five years to sit through those (sometimes LONG) classes, but we all (parents included!) stuck it out and beamed with pride as they took their first communion today ♥

Something about this picture ^^^ cracks me up!

They each  individually had to recite, "I believe, and I ask God to help me believe."

Each kid had to write a prayer saying why they are thankful for holy communion and Pastor read them during the service....

Dear God,
I am thankful for holy communion because it brings me closer to you.

It was also All Saint's Sunday....candles in remembrance of those saints we have lost....

Communion-ants helping bring the service to a close...

It's a tradition that the Wednesday before first communion, the kids bake bread for Sunday and have a little wine tasting.  Cru was PUMPED to taste the wine!  We've caught him a couple times sneaking the last sips out of our glasses, so this was his chance to REALLY taste it.

After throwing it back, he let out a big, "Aaaa!" like that's so good....

Then the taste must have settled, and he thought it was the most disgusting thing ever!

Pretty sure this is where my brother learned to drink (would drink extra wine when acolyting), so lets hope Cru continues to dislike the taste!

One last thing, back at our kids' big school fundraiser, Chet and I bid and won a weekend in KC....night at a fancy hotel, tickets to Chiefs game, and a gift card to eat.  I was pumped!  Chet said he didn't invite me.  We soon learned, Cru's first communion was on the same weekend.  I tried to convince Chet to still go.  He refused.  I started getting upset.  I told him Cru wouldn't be upset, and he should go have fun and do something for himself.

And then I witnessed this....

And I realized, he's right where he wanted to be ♥

So thankful for this man.

So thankful for our boy!  He drives us all BoNNkkkkeRrrsSSS, but makes us SO SO proud!!! My heart burst with joy for him this morning!

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