Tuesday, November 4, 2014

P&M Pumpkin Ranch

Traditionally, we meet up with my brother's family for an afternoon at Walter's Pumpkin Patch.  However, free weekends this fall were few and far between.  We finally, made plans for this past weekend, but the weather made a big change and I got confused as to when our family pictures were scheduled, so yet again, it didn't work out :( 

It's a good thing the Friday prior, my mom and I spontaneously took the kids to a new patch in Moundridge called P&M Pumpkin Ranch.   

Such a GREAT place!!!

Had everything Walter's has except the giant bouncy pillows.  Kind of a big deal in my mind, but the kids didn't seem to mind.

The kids had a BLAST!  Reese's favorite part was the tunnel slide; she went down at least a 100 times.  Cru's favorite thing was the corn maize and trail walk.  Beautiful, beautiful scenery!  You'll see from my pictures that Evee's favorite part was the goats :) 

A couple downfalls with Walter's always seems to be the crowds, expense, and worthless selection of pumpkins out in the patch.  P&M kicked butt on all those things!

See for yourself....


I apologize for the over exposed teepee pic, but that teepee was too cool not to share!

Cru kept trying to relax on the barrel train ride, but ended up bonking his head....over and over!  Haha!

Everlee couldn't quite reach the pedals, so my mom was helping her, then once she got her up the slope, she pushed her and just let her go.....

Everlee insisted on telling the goats goodbye.....

She was in tears because "they wouldn't say bye to her" haha!

As I said  before, their pumpkin patch was AWESOME!  FILLED with good sized pumpkins that weren't rotten!

Thank you, P&M!

The Buchmans will definitely be back!

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