Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Adventures of Polle Week 2

Still up to no good.  And he has a new pen pal!

One night, I found a note Reese left for Polle.  She asked if he had friends and what are their names....Happy, Susie, Shelfy, and Elliot.  She was thrilled to read that the next morning!  She took the note to school (without me knowing) to show her friends.  Turns out, Polle's friend, Elliot, is her buddy, Carter's, elf!  That was so cool to a couple eight year olds ;)

That same night, he also did this!

Reese has written him every night since then.  She asked if they could be pen pals.  Polle said yes....until Christmas Eve.

Kids were so excited for hot chocolate and Christmas lights!

And then reality set in....I'm bored, I decided I don't like hot chocolate anymore, I don't like this hot chocolate, my lid tastes funny, are we done yet, I'm tired, can we go home.  So much fun.


Everlee and Reese were a bit under the weather...don't blame ya, Polle!

After a busy weekend, the kids found him Monday morning wrapped in Reese's blanket napping in a basket.

It wasn't until "he moved" Monday night, that I realized I never took a picture of him.

Side note - I'm discovering, the ornerier Polle is, the more Reese ponders.  She's never doubted if he's real, but you can see the wheels turning.  She's challenging me ;)

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