Friday, December 19, 2014

Santa in the Hood

Definitely, one of my favorite traditions!

Books for everyone!

What they are hoping Santa brings them....

Cru - bike

Wish I could get the video to upload of Cru telling Santa how he wants a bike!  Santa replied, "A bike? Are you big enough for a bike?!"  Cru said, "Yeah!  I have a GIRL bike!"  It was awesome!

Everlee - another book like the one he just brought haha!  I think she was star struck!

Reese - collection of Magic Treehouse books

The Allen Family

The Eilrich Family

The Cooper Family

They all thought his beard was sooo soft....just don't pull it!  Haha!


Quick question about Polle before leaving...

Until next year....

Thankful for our personal Santa time!

Thankful for togetherness with friends!


Still trying to figure out how it's even Christmas time again???

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