Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Every year, St. Joe's kindergarten puts on a Thanksgiving play.  So cute!  They all memorize lines and sing a couple songs.  So thankful Mrs. Burghart continues this tradition!

I immediately worked with Cru on his lines the day he brought home his paper.  And he had it down after about two minutes.  Everlee still talks about Squanto and planting corn :) 

He seemed a bit nervous, but did great!

Once the play is over, they invite the pre-k class to their classroom for a feast.  Ms. Becky introduces her Indians one by one, the Indians are greeted by a kindergarten Pilgrim that say, "Welcome to kindergarten!", then the Indians present them with a handmade necklace.  So awesome!

Indian Colt and Pilgrim Dane

Indian Graham and Pilgrim Brady

Indian Jaxon and Pilgrim Asher

Indian Jensen and Pilgrim Cru

Cru was SO excited his feast buddy was Jensen.  Jensen must not have known Cru was who he was going to sit with because after Ms. Becky introduced him and Cru came to greet him, he (loudly) whispered, "YES!"

They served apples, grapes, crasins, carrots, corn bread, turkey, cheese and crackers, beef jerky, and pumpkin pie at the feast.

Happenings of that morning proved to me yet again why we love our school, our teachers, and our classmates so much ♥

Seriously^^^squeeze them!!!

My Pilgrim and his lil' sidekick ♥

**So bummed the videos I took with the camera are too big to upload :(  No clue how to fix that!**

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