Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Bib says it all

Everlee has been spitting up A TON since she started drinking from bottles. Which shouldn't surprise me since Reese and Cru were spitters as well.

Not so much with Cru, but with Reese, I pretty much had a bib around her neck at all times, especially when she started spitting up baby food. Yummy.....ack!

So this morning, after already spitting up several times (and I'm so sick of doing loads and loads of her laundry), it hit me....duh, why not wear a bib?!

But we don't just wear any bibs around here.....

My friend, Tiff, gave it to Everlee.

It's perfect....and so true!

Except today, she was hardly cooperating the way a "star" should....

Good thing I've got a couple of back up stars....

who seem to steal the show....or at least try.

I think I need a couple more of those bibs, Tiff!

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