Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Our 4th of July

This family likes to stretch out birthday celebrations, and America's birthday is no exception!

Our celebration began Sunday at the pond. It's a favorite tradition of mine....time with family and friends, tons of fireworks, good food, laughter, and Chet's favorite fishing!

Cru caught his first fish!

Daddy was a fish catching machine!

Cru was not into fireworks at all!

So we kept to our side of the pond where there were only kid-friendly fireworks.

Every time a loud boom went off, Cru freaked. And found much comfort in Jaycee....

As the night went on, poor Jaycee was hounded by both kids....

Thanks, Jaycee! What a special person you are! And what a great mother you'll be!

Everlee did great all evening never once bothered by the fireworks!

Reese's night wouldn't be complete without her favorite.....

What a great evening! So thankful!

We lazied around Monday morning, then a few of the families in our neighborhood organized some major fun for the kids....

Without hesitation, Cru went right down....

then never went again.

Reese refused to try it....

but I think she still had fun!

We didn't stay long because a) Reese and Cru weren't participating, b) Cru needed a nap, and c) Chet was watching Everlee and waiting on us to get home so he could go fishing.

Since Cru refused to nap, we headed to my parent's for some swim time.....Everlee's first time.

Reese and Cru fought and whined the whole time. I gave up and we came home.

Our attitudes turned around as evening time rolled around. We enjoyed pizza with Papa and Grammie, then spent the rest of the evening with some wonderful neighbors/friends/families.

The kids had a blast!

Sparklers were a hit!

And it was a great way to end our weekend of celebrating!

And one last side note - Everlee got another tooth this weekend and Reese has her first loose one!

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