Tuesday, June 24, 2014

The Weekend

in a nutshell....

A new do!

He was way overdue for a cut, but he did not want one!  He likes it long, mainly for spiking and stylin' purposes.  I strongly dislike shag over the ears!  So we made a deal...mohawk.  Then I kind of made a deal with the barber....fauxhawk :)  We all win!

My Aunt Becky invited Reese to spend the day with her in Lindsborg.  Midsummer's Festival was going on, plus they went for Mexican food, pizza, and swimming!

Reese made her flower halo with REAL flowers!  It was gorgeous!  And when it dies, she's supposed to put it under her pillow and make a wish ♥

I spent so much time with my Aunt Becky growing up!  It's where my love for Grease was born as well as learning how to drive...at the very young age of 12...or maybe 10 ;)  I've shared many memories with Reese, so I'm pretty sure as she left that morning, she had it in her head she would learn to drive by the end of the day!  Give it time, Reesee!

While Reese was doing her thing in Lindsborg, the rest of us were enjoying the perfect sun-filled day by Grandma and Grandpa's pool!

Cru is doing a great job swimming in the deep end!  We aren't currently in swim lessons, so Chet has been working with him as much as possible.  He's fast, which makes him tire easily, which makes him quit after just a few down and backs.  But still doing great!

Everlee is pretty timid in the water just likes floating!  But something clicked while swimming with Aunt Cheyna!

We swam from 1:30 until 7:30!

And we went back for more on Sunday!

Evee is a jumping machine now!

Cru had soccer practice Sunday evening as a storm was rolling in....


Felt a little eerie out there!  We made it a half hour before coach called it.

Beautiful night for practice tonight though (Monday).  Also, a beautiful night for a softball game and a golf tournament!

Evee wanted "tall" socks like Reese (softball) and Cru (soccer), but "not boy ones!"

All that makes this mama feel how Everlee looks....

slightly crazy!  Just wish I were cuter ;)

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