Thursday, June 19, 2014

Very early this morning, I attended my first body pump class at our local YMCA.  I'm nearing two years of fairly consistent running, however this is something I would have never imagined myself doing.  Entering into uncharted fitness territory...heck no!

I am so thankful for that little push I got from a friend.  I honestly thought of every excuse not to go.  None of them valid; all out of fear.  Really what the hell did I have to lose??? 

Besides sleep?!


I honestly didn't sleep all night worrying about how I would fit in, would I get my ass kicked, would my stomach cooperate (it doesn't like early morning workouts). 

Yes, it was hard, but no pain, no gain, right?  It was a good hard.  I like that kind of stuff.  The instructor was fantastic!  She suggested what weights I should start with and asked me how I felt afterwards. 

I am a lightweight, but a) gotta start somewhere!  And b) I can only go up from here!


My goal is to continue attending and in turn, the new muscle strength will improve my running and possibly relieve some of the swelling in my knees.


Thank you, Chelsea!

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