Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Tomorrow's A New Day

Today, I feel like a failure.

As I sat at the front desk of the bank, the lady telling me to sign here, Chet needs to sign here, I kept hearing this background noise....kids arguing, kids slapping, little flip flops slapping against the floor as little feet went running from one end of the bank to the other end MULTIPLE times, high-pitched laughter, which sounded more like screaming.....I literally wanted to crawl into a hole.

Or strangle them.


Kind of.

And the whole rest of the day was like that, even at Cru's tball game - our happy place.

I was definitely happy while watching our little guy and his teammates, it was the kids' behavior after the game.

Chet and I just looked at each other, speechless and wondering what the hell did we do wrong?

What did I do wrong?

At this point, I'm just thankful tomorrow's a new day.

Hopefully, I do better....

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