Wednesday, June 4, 2014

We are doing our best to make the most of every minute of our summer vacation!

I prefer busy, tired, and slightly sunburned over "I'm bored".

Along with our busy days come busy nights.  Wednesday is practice day - tball and softball.


The above picture....neither tball or softball, but the end of Reese's basketball camp.  Cru had a basketball in his hands the entire time we were there today just itching to shoot.  Actually, begged the whole time....can I shoot now?  Now?  Now?  Finally, I gave in.

Back to the story at hand, Reese is playing machine pitch softball.  She's loving it!  And doing great, I might add!  I'm coaching....assisting.  And loving it as well!

Tonight after practice, Reese and three of her good friends, who are on her team, were playing together like they do after every practice, and us coaches moms suggested walking to the next field to watch the Lady Express.  The girls quickly figured out that chasing foul balls was more fun than watching the game.  And while hunting for balls outside the complex, a foul ball was hit.....

I heard one of the other moms yell, "Look out, Reese!"

I look back at Reese just as the ball fell from the air right on the front of her forearm.

It hurt.  Bad.  As I ran to her, I was honestly scared that her wrist/arm may have been shattered.  She's just bruised.  Thank goodness it wasn't her head!  She cut nearly four inches off her hair today...she doesn't have as much padding :)

Good thing we aren't too busy to work out....keeps us tough!

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