Sunday, June 20, 2010


I decided to throw a surprise party to celebrate Chet's 30th. I waited until the last minute to plan everything, but it turned out great despite Chet not being surprised :(

To keep Chet out of the house all day, I had his dad, his brother, and my dad take him golfing. The best part, Chet had no clue all of his buddies from KC were also going to be golfing with them. He was SHOCKED to see them all there! But once that surprise was over, he pretty much knew something was up, which was fine. He appreciated my efforts, and I appreciate that.

It was really hot so waiting on Chet to arrive felt longer than it probably was. We passed the
time with good company.

(Chet's sisters - Casyn, Chancey, and Cheyna)

Reese and Carter passed the time by catching moss. She was a princess, he was a dragon.

He finally arrived!


It meant a lot to Chet to have Chancey here from Florida.

It's hard getting a family this big all together, but we did it this weekend!

This little guy was hot.....

....and searching for a cold beverage.

You're never too old to blow out candles!

As the evening went on, we enjoyed great conversation.

And the kids continued to have a good time together.

Like I said before, it was really hot, and I can't imagine how all those guys felt after golfing in the heat all day, then partying in it all evening. That's why I was surprised it took as long as it did for this to happen.

A big thank you again to EVERYONE who came!

(Greg, Jeff, Ben, Chet, Tim, Luke, and Mat)

(my parents with my dad's brother, Merrill, and my Aunt Linda)

(Reese with Ben and Jenny Mitchell)

Our party animal, Reese, stayed until the very end and ended up staying up until mid night helping Chet open gifts.

We love you, Daddy! We hope you had a great birthday (and father's day) weekend!

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