Sunday, June 13, 2010

VBS 2010 - High Seas Adventure

This past week, Reese and I spent every evening at church participating in this year's vacation bible school. Thanks Daddy for taking care of Cru!

Reese has changed so much since last year! She actually remembered some of the lessons and couldn't wait to go back every evening to see her friends. Oh yeah, and of course she loved the dancing.

Very focused on her crafts.

She was of course timid during the games, but eventually warmed up.

There seemed to be great conversations during snack time.

And great snacks!

I loved this.....after snack time pretty much all the kids in her group wanted to just run wild, but not Reese. This is where I'd find her.

This year's theme was High Seas Adventure, and when the kids headed into the sanctuary to practice their performance, they thought it was like a big ship. Can you see it? Pretty cool.

This was practice....should have taken it as a sign for the performance. The girl's got some attitude!

This morning at church was performance time. She was ready!

And so was Cora.

Pretty disheartening when only 5 kids show up to perform.

Jump, jump, jump.....oh wait, where's Reese?

The attitude was in full force and she chose not to participate but rather sit in the middle of the aisle arms crossed like the biggest little miss sassy pants ever. If anyone knows how to get rid of the three year old attitude, let me know!!!

But let's not forget that God is always in our hearts.

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