Sunday, August 28, 2011

Just a couple of randoms

August brings about lots of celebrations for our family, but before I post about them, I thought I'd share a couple randoms.

First, Reese anticipates Everlee's afternoon nap awakening every day. I think she knows she can finally be loud again. So, as soon as she hears her make that first peep, she runs to her room and hops in her crib with her. They laugh and giggle, but after about 2 minutes, I think Everlee's had enough of little miss mama, so I usually hear her start grunting, which I think is her way of saying, "Save me, Mom!"

Last week was a little different, however. Everlee woke up, Reese ran into her room, climbed in her crib, but then after a couple minutes, I heard the door shut. I waited a few minutes, but heard nothing. So, after a few more minutes, I thought I'd better check on them, and this is what I found....

Poor Evee!

Our neighbor brought over this costume a couple weeks ago, and it teases Reese every time she's in Everlee's room; she would love to wear it herself! She's been warned many times not to even think about it, so I guess she went for the next best thing.

I must say she looks pretty darn adorable!

And on a completely different note, our family decided to attend a local bbq contest this weekend called "When Pigs Fly."

The "Flying Babe" air show was just getting ready to start when we got there.

Cru loved this!

Then, we moved onto the camel rides, which both kids ended up chickening out of, so then we tried horse rides. Reese was all about it, but once it came time to get on the horse, she was scared to death. The people were very nice and patient with her, and before she knew it, she was riding!

It definitely helped seeing her friend, Lynzee, riding the other horse!

Of course, little man was ready to ride too!

Both kids LOVED it! Cru talked non-stop the whole rest of the night about riding Big John Deere (mind you, the horse's name was Big John)!

After listening to the band play and visiting some bbq sites, we called it a night. All the actual cooking was going on the next day, which we didn't make it back for, but hope to next year. It was a fun family evening!

That's all for the randoms. Celebration posts to come!

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