Monday, August 22, 2011

Another gone

When Reese was 6 months old, she got her first two teeth within a day of each other, so it's no wonder she's lost them within weeks of each other. Yes, that's right, she lost another one!

Since losing her first tooth, she's constantly asked if she can push the other one out, and I kept telling her it wasn't ready. Until Friday evening....

She was sitting by me on the couch, and she started crying, "My tooth hurts. It won't come out." I told her to leave it alone, then asked to see was bleeding and just hanging there. Ack, grossed me out!

Just as I was getting up to get a kleenex so I could pull it out, SHE SPITS IT OUT IN HER HAND!

My big girl yet again just pushed it out with her tongue.

Cue in the hoop hollerin' and high fivin'!

The only problem....tooth fairy had no cash!

She scrambled and pulled through!

As of now, no new loose teeth, so maybe the tooth fairy will get a little break.....teeth aren't cheap these days!

Plus, I'd like to enjoy this toothless grin for a while!

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