Monday, August 8, 2011

Andrew and Marisa's wedding

This past weekend was my cousin, Andrew, and his fiancee, Marisa's, wedding. It was a weekend full of love, laughter, dancing (lots of dancing!), and family!

Andrew and Marisa asked Reese a while back to be their flower girl. Reese has been so excited, except starting about a week ago, I could tell she was getting nervous so I decided it was best just to quit talking about it until the day actually came.

Well, she was definitely nervous the day of rehearsal asking all sorts of questions and being shy and fidgety, but then found comfort in my cousin, Megan; Reese wouldn't leave her side.

Reese plays with her hair when she gets nervous.

Reese enjoyed being the only kid at the rehearsal dinner! She especially loved all the attention she got from my cousins!

Aren't they beautiful!

Reese with Andrew and Marisa....such a sweet couple.

The wedding was here and boy, was she excited!

All nerves seemed to have went out the door, which I have my wonderful cousins to thank for that again!

Uncle Ty literally rolled in from North Carolina just in time to usher. It was so great to see him!

Ushering in his wife.

It's wedding time! Here she comes!

Andrew and Marisa's ceremony was beautiful, and Reese did such an awesome job standing patiently through it. She did mouth and sign to me one time that her feet were hurting, but she survived.

Then, when it came time for the groom to kiss his new bride....well, lets just say this was my absolute favorite part of the whole weekend.....check out Reese!!!

Ha!!! I had no idea she was doing this until after I took the picture! This has been her thing lately - not watching people kiss. Best part ever! So thankful I caught it on camera.

Off to the reception where Reese danced and danced and danced! Know idea where she gets that from....ha!

The girl's got some moves! She stopped for chicken, cake, and a couple bathroom breaks, otherwise she was out there the entire night.

Reese, Emily, and Zach

Butt bumpin' with Uncle Ty

My whole family can get down, get down!

Uncle Merrill and all the Reese girls

What a celebration! So happy to be part of it. And so happy to be with family.

It seems as if all our family talks about is Everlee growing up so fast, but seriously, when did my first baby GET. SO. BIG?!

We are so proud of you, Reese!

Congratulations Andrew and Marisa!

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