Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Reese's new room!

The kids' bedroom situation has been a topic of discussion for quite some time now. I automatically assumed Reese would move to the basement. Chet, on the other hand, had another idea - the kids could share a room. Is he crazy?! He had logical reasons for not wanting to put Reese (or even Cru for that matter) downstairs, but I just couldn't see them sharing a room; they are so different. So, downstairs Reese went.

Before, the room was our office/bows and bands/guest room. I don't have pictures of it filled, but it had a corner desk, my huge art desk, and a futon in it. The closet was also used for storage....full of fun stuff for little man to play with.

I started hyping up the whole "move" to Reese quite a while ago, even letting her pick out the paint color - Cinderella blue, as she calls it. One day she would be excited, the next day she would tell me to put the baby down there.

The week between Christmas and New Year's was about the last of Chet's free time before busy season, so we got down to business.....some of us. A big thanks to my dad, who helped Chet paint.

This is the wall you see when you walk through the door. Everything is from her old room except the curtains, which she picked out all by herself (and I love them!), and the storage bench below the curtains, which I also love!

Across from the window wall is her bed. She didn't waste any time getting all her "friends" settled in with her.

She loves her canopy thingy that Aunty Chancey gave her before she moved to Florida.

This is the wall you see when looking out from the closet.

Since taking the picture, I've added some things to the shelf, but the wall still needs some work. I knew her new vanity would be perfect in this room!

Straight across from that wall is her closet, which Daddy totally transformed.....no more golf clubs, bassinet, computer, and whatever else was in there.

I like to organize using fun baskets, and I found all these that I used in her closet at Land of Nod. I'm really happy with them.

The girl isn't hurtin' for clothes, that's for sure.

And lastly, but certainly not least, the escape window. It was one of the first things I worried about when I thought about her moving down there; it's so creepy and gross and usually filled with spiders, spider webs, and the occasional dead mouse, so I called upon my dad to help fix that problem.

Once again, I let Reese decide on the picture, then Grandpa made it happen. She LOVES it! Loves it so much she didn't want her curtains put back up. But we did.

So, she's been down there nearly two weeks now, and doing great even while sick. The first night, she cried for a while and really wanted Chet to sleep down there with her. He decided if he did that once, he'd have to do it every night, so he told her he had to sleep with me because we were married, so then she wanted to be married. But really she's done so well, it hasn't even felt like an adjustment. I knew she'd do great!

I actually think the move has been harder on me. I haven't slept at all. Plus, she was in such a good routine of taking her shoes, coat, backpack, and whatever else to her room as soon as she walked in the door. Not so much anymore. And I find myself having to make ump-teen trips up and down the stairs, and maybe it's just my "state" but it's a pain in the butt. Oh well, I take the bad with the good, I guess.

So, now all I can think about is moving Cru to Reese's old room.....awww, Reese's old room, lets not forget about it.....

Up until Sunday, that's what it looked like. Yeah, I think Chet was right, maybe I did overdo it on Sunday causing contractions (which the doctor thought were real not braxton hicks, but that's a whole other issue). But it is all cleaned out and ready to be transformed into a little big boy's room.....now that's a move I am certainly not ready for.

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