Thursday, January 13, 2011

Fun with fabric

What I love most about my Bows & Bands is that I can basically keep as busy (or as non-busy) as I want. And lately I have been busy! Maybe it's a way of me nesting or maybe it's because Sassybags has zero of my inventory left or maybe it's me wanting to learn new things.....whatever the reason, I love it. I love having something that's "work" besides my normal every day "work." Makes me feel like I actually have some sort of purpose.

This has actually felt a little bit more like work lately because I've been teaching myself how to make everything out of fabric!

I've been running all my new creations by Reese.....this has been her favorite by far.

I just love the retro look....

and the vintage look.

I got to play with fire when making this :)

Another fav of Reese's.

I've still got several new creations that are in progress, so hopefully I'll have more to show soon. And just as soon as I get them finished, they'll be for sale!

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