Wednesday, January 26, 2011

All Star

When it came time to clean out Cru's closet and move everything into his new room, for some reason, I thought it would be no big deal. Boy, was I wrong! From top to bottom, every corner of his closet was crammed.

It's amazing how fast crap multiplies without you even realizing it.

Which was a huge part of the problem, but so was this....

Just as I'd get one thing done, these two were ripping apart another.

At the end of day one, I had made very little progress....

His new room looked like this.....

and his old room looked like this.....

But his new closet did go from this.....

to this!

After a few more days of sorting, trashing, and organizing, the room was finally ready for his new bed.

Chet's mom found his comforter last summer at a garage sale, and it's perfect!

With all her excitement, you'd thought this was her new room.

Once the bed was moved in, I finished up with what decor I had (a couple walls are still lacking and I've also got quite a few pictures I'd like to incorporate, but I'm not too worried about all that right now).

So, when you walk in the door, this is what you see....

Across from that wall, is this wall.....

I like the open space, but also if he needs another bookshelf, I think it would look really nice under his name.

And this is the wall across from his bed.....

See what I mean....above the cube shelf and his chair are really bare. I'll figure something out sometime.

And since all was ready last night, Chet said why not just have him sleep in there.....I almost forgot about that part.

So we did! All four (almost 5) of us, tucked him in, said our prayers, and shut the door only to hear it open 2 seconds later. I just turned away and laughed. He knew Reese was still awake, and he always goes downstairs to read a book and help put her to bed, so we decided we better keep it that way.

Round 2 - Reese was in bed, Cru was back up in his bed, I barely get the door shut, and he's crying. I go back in, get him situated again, then shut the door. Here he comes again.

Round 3 - Daddy's turn. And before I could tell Chet to be more forceful, you could hear it in his voice. And it worked!

I never heard another peep from him until he woke up this morning at his normal time.

My little man is officially a big boy :( And an ALL STAR in his ALL STAR room.

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