Sunday, January 23, 2011

If you build it, they will be happy

I wanted to do something fun with the kids before the baby arrives, and since we are quickly running out of weekends (only two more left!), I suggested to Chet we take them to Build-A-Bear this weekend. Reese was beyond excited....stuffed animals are her thing! She has a gazillion trillion of them, and plays with EVERY. SINGLE. ONE.

Before we headed out of town, Chet went to wheel and deal on a big boy bed for Cru, so the kids and I passed the time by dancing to You-Tube videos.

Onto the good stuff.....we'd been talking about our trip all week, actually more like threatening Reese with do whatcha gotta do, right? So, she had decided long before we got there that she wanted to build a cat. Cru had no idea what was going on, but picked out a puppy right away.

He actually kept throwing it on the floor because he wanted the dog that was on display already stuffed.

Let the stuffing begin!

Testing out its softness.

Blessing the heart and making a wish.

Cru's turn!

He's not quite the old pro Reese has become....

but he had no problem figuring it all out.

He waited so patiently....such a big boy.

I think Daddy had the most fun of everyone when it came time to pick out clothes.....

no wonder Cru's puppy ended up looking like this....t-shirt and boxers, that's it!

Reese spent FOREVER picking out an outfit and finally settled on a bridal gown.

The newest members of our family are a kitty named Poofy Coconut and a puppy named Ruff.

It was a great family outing despite Poofy Coconut losing her veil somewhere in the mall.

Before heading home, we made a few more stops, and I thought for sure (and hoped) it would be a quiet ride home.....

uhh, no.

Just goes to show, if you build it, they will BE HAPPY! For a long time!

That's not such a bad thing though.

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