Monday, January 10, 2011

35 weeks and some other randomness

Pregnancy Highlights: No belly pic today. I've only worn sweats, no make up, and glasses for almost a week aint pretty.
How far along: 35 weeks....and feelin' it
Size of baby: around 18 inches and 5 1/4 pounds
Total weight gain: 27 pounds
Maternity clothes: Still wearing both which is hard to believe.
Gender: ??? According to my poll, most of you still think girl.....not that far away from finally finding out!
Movement: Yes, and it's almost painful.
Sleep: All I do is toss and turn, toss and turn.
Symptoms: Nauseous, emotional, acid reflux almost every night, been sleeping sitting up, which helps. Lots of braxton hicks contractions. In fact, I thought I was having real contractions last night because they were coming so frequently and feeling kinda crampy, but Chet told me I just overdid it yesterday....just trying to get as much done as possible.
What I miss: My old body
Cravings: Nothing has sounded good for the past couple days....hopefully I didn't get a touch of what the kids had last week (especially since I had it bad enough the week of Christmas).
Best moment of the week: Reese finally starting to feel better.
What I'm looking forward to: Tomorrow's doctor's appointment.....we'll finally get to schedule the birthday, and I'm also hoping for a surprise sonogram.

So let the randomness begin.....

Last week was rough. I mean rough. Wednesday morning Cru woke up at his normal time, and I did what I normally do - grab him and bring him back to my bed. Well, we didn't quite make it to the bed because the front of his jammies were all wet. I grabbed my glasses and turned on the light and bam.....what the hell is that?! I look over to his bed......oh my goodness!!! Lord help me! Everything in his crib was covered in vomit. The kid never made a peep all night, I had no idea. Poor baby. I quickly changed him and started my first of many loads of laundry.

Reese woke up shortly after, and I told her to steer clear of Cru because his tummy was sick. I fixed her cereal and after one bite she said she was going to save it for later.....hmmm. Not long after, I started my second load of laundry......ding, ding, ding round two, Reese's turn.

Cru never threw up again, but had a lovely day of diarrhea. Reese continued to throw up for the next two days, and I don't mean just throw up once or twice a day, like at least six times a day. She was in bad, bad shape. She's still not 100%, but definitely 100% better than she was.

We spent lots of time at home playing in our jammies.

and sometimes we played in no jammies.

Of course, now that the kids are better and able to get out of the house, we get our first big snowfall.

We got out of the house anyways. I was desperate. School was canceled, so we went by to see Grammie, which turned into playtime!

It was Cru's first time playing in the snow, but you would have never known it; he just dove right in. Boys!

I've been saying for a while now, I've done/bought nothing for this baby. I am one who, despite not knowing the sex, still likes to have the nursery ready. I've known for quite a while now what kind of bedding I'd like this time around, but it took me forever to find it. Then once I did, it was pretty expensive so I've been waiting to pull the trigger. Waiting and waiting. About a week ago, I finally told Chet that I'm just going to order it, except now, I've changed my mind, kinda. I knew I wanted giraffe print, I knew I wanted orange, and originally, I found exactly that. But then I decided I wanted more color. Viola!

I am in love! It's all custom made so it'll take a few weeks to get here, which means we only have a few weeks to get Cru moved to his new room! Also, lets not forget the baby will be here in just a few weeks as well!!!

Speaking of Cru, tonight while at my parent's house, he came running down their hallway DIAPER-LESS yelling, "Weinie!" Then he said, "Potty." and ran into the bathroom. My mom held him on the pot while I quickly ran out to the van to get a diaper, and when I came back inside, he had actually went! Only a few dribbles, but he went! He was so excited! I've been telling myself for a while now to get the potty chair out, but have just been too lazy....maybe now I will. Way to go, Bubba!

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