Saturday, March 3, 2012

Time to be a better blogger

I had high expectations of being a better blogger this week.

But, I failed. Again.

We are busy!

It's no lie, this time of year is super chaotic for our family. But this time of year also means spring time is approaching, which makes this mama very happy!

I just wish mother nature would make up her mind! Nearly 70 one day, although fun, can be such a teaser when the temp drops 20 degrees the next day!

Hitting off the pitching machine....the girl's got skills! First swing went over the fence!

Looking for the ball, scared of "the beast"....I told you Sandlot was the latest obsession!

Little man got a bit frustrated (surprise, surprise), but connected a few times!

Never fear, when the temp does drop and the wind blows like, well, like we live in Kansas, we find other things to keep us entertained.....

I didn't think of it until afterwards, but a trip to the donut shop before library time probably wasn't the smartest move.

I'm trying really hard not to use Everlee being the "baby" as an excuse that prevents me from doing activities with the older two.

Hello, Jami! This is why you blog!

The time spent with these little loves is FLYING BY! And it's all these little daily moments that I don't want to lose sight of!

Like when Reese asks me if she looks like a teenager when she wears her bag over one shoulder.

Or the fact that ever since Cru turned three a week ago, he seems to have grown up by 5 years!

And he insists on playing baseball all the time and only wants to wear button-up shirts unbuttoned like his hero, Benny. (Once again, Sandlot! Watch it!)

Or how Everlee is always just a few steps behind her siblings wanting to do everything they do, which Reese and Cru don't really care about now, but wonder what they'll think when they are teenagers?

I don't want to forget any of it! Ever!

Time to be a better blogger!

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