Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Reese and her Carters

Last Saturday, Reese's good buddies, Carter A. and Carter T., had their last wrestling tournament which was here in McPherson. My kids were so pumped to go watch!

Seriously, how cute?! Reese and Mallorie both made signs while we were waiting...love their innocent love for their friends!

The rowdy crowd was just that.....


Carter A. seemed pretty pumped to have a fan club....

He wrestled so awesome!

Way to go, Carter!

We had a short wait before it was Carter T.'s turn....more signs were made, however, my girl, Cru, and Carter A. had no time to hold them up because they spent the whole match beating their fists on the mat yelling, "Go Carter!!!". It was great!

And he did great!

Way to go, other Carter!

This mama was into it too and it wasn't even my child!

Just FYI, Cru will not wrestle! The choke holds and pinning and boys crying would just be too much for me to handle.

So we'll just continue making signs and cheering for our friends!

Thanks to my parents for keeping Everlee, who had a blast playing with cousin, Charlee! My mom said it was like having twins.

Grandma had a long day with all these kiddos.....

Not sure she would have it any other way. Thank you, Grammie!

I'm so thankful my kids had some fun cousin time with Charlee!

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