Monday, March 5, 2012


A couple weeks ago, I took Everlee for her one year pictures. With all the driving and picture taking, it was definitely a long day, but it was such a great day! Just me and her! I feel like I fell in love with her all over again!

We set out around 8:45 am, which is pretty early for us. Thanks so much to my parents for helping with Reese and Cru that morning since Chet had to work. I really don't know what I would do without all their love and support.

Everlee slept the whole hour and a half trip. I'm so thankful she loves to ride in the car like her sister. While she slept, I talked with my bestie whom I love and miss so very much.

Everlee was an angel during her photo shoot. Really, I didn't expect anything less. And by the end, she was worn out.

I decided to grab a quick bite to eat before leaving town. Beloit doesn't exactly have the best restaurant selection, but we sure enjoyed our Dairy Queen date. They only had one high chair, which was being used, so Evee sat in the booth beside me, and as my hand stuck like glue to her little leg because she was all over the place digging in her diaper bag and stealing fries, it hit me like a ton of more babies.

Yes, I say over and over again, we are done! And we are. But in that moment, when I thought to myself, no more babies, all I wanted was another baby.

All I could do was thank God for her and for her brother and sister. What beautiful angels they why on earth wouldn't I want to create another one?

But does that feeling ever really go away?

I've been selling lots of baby stuff lately, which hasn't exactly helped the yearning feeling. But it's been fun reminiscing and has made me even more thankful for what I've been given.

And then I feel.....


10 years ago, I would have never thought completeness came from wiping butts and driving a mini van.

And from watching babies hug a favorite dolly while sleeping.

But it does. Our family is complete and I absolutely love it!

**Remember when Chet took all those maternity pictures? Still so in love with them :)**

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