Sunday, March 18, 2012

Reese's Hair Cut

Reese has been asking for a while now to cut her hair. At first, I thought nothing of it and basically blew her off because hello, her hair is beautiful, super long, the hair I wish I had, so why in the world would we ever cut it?

Well, she kept asking, so I finally listened and asked her why.

1) She wanted short hair like her friend, Reese E.
2) It was hot and itchy when she slept.
3) It was sooo tangly! One of her new chores is to brush her own hair, but it really is nearly impossible for her to do.

She had some valid reasons, so I made her an appointment. But now came the big decision, do we cut 10 inches off for Locks of Love?

After measuring 10 inches, it was still going to be below her shoulders, so at first, I said to go for it. But then my heart started beating really fast, and I thought I was going to have a panic attack. My selfishness kicked in....10 inches, oh my word!!! During all this, Reese kept saying, "Cut it, cut it!"

But I just couldn't do it.....maybe someday. So, we just cut five inches off.

Reese LOVES her new "short" hair! It's so much easier to brush, it looks so healthy and thick, and she can actually wear it down without it being out of control.

Oh, and if your needing your nails done, you should totally check out the new manicurist at the salon I go to....he's super cute, super friendly, and sure to make your nails look like they never have before :)

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  1. Reese looks like such a big girl!! And I'll need to set an appointment up with Mr. Cru here in the near future please!! :)